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Started by Karin, June 06, 2010, 08:49:45 PM

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Hi again,

We also have two questions about the overwash parameters, and I thought I'd put them into a separate topic:

(1) Frequency Overwash: Should this be given as a number of years - e.g. if overwash happens every 50 years, should I put 1/50 or 50?

(2) Marsh and Mangrove Percent Loss: Is the presumed cause for this loss (due to sand transport) that marsh/mangrove suffocates as it gets covered by sand, or is it erosion due to loss of sand/soil?

Thanks again,


Jonathan S. Clough

Sorry about the delay in this response.

Frequency should be 50 years, for example.

Mangrove loss is predicted on the basis of observation of observed overwash island maps so a precise mechanism for loss is not provided.