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error in setting map attributes.

Started by smits.smiling, May 11, 2010, 11:45:10 PM

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Hi everyone..
Well, I am working on some input files which are really huge in size.
When I try to set map attributes it shows me some memory error and asks me to save it into hard disk.
When i click ok, it gives me range check error.
when i try to execute the files, it runs.
I am not able to figure out, why this happens. It executes the simulation but does not allow to set map attributes.
Please let me know.
Thanking you.

Jonathan S. Clough

We haven't been working with "save to disk" in quite some time so I wouldn't be shocked if there was an error in there.  Actually, we recently fixed a range check error in a new beta version that I will send to you by email.  This version requires some documentation updates so I haven't put it up for all to download yet. 

For "save to disk" we found that it takes roughly six times as long to run.  The new version will allow you to use a full 4GB of memory, however, in a 64 bit OS which hopefully will be helpful to you.

-- Jonathan


Hi Jonathan,

I have the same problem with Range check error. Could you please send me the fix as well.


Jonathan S. Clough

Yes will do, and I'll also try to update the publicly available version as soon as possible, primarily due to this bug fix.

-- Jonathan

Jonathan S. Clough

SLAMM 6.0.1 has been released which fixes this problem and has several other fixes and updates.