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NWI box execution options

Started by caroline, May 10, 2010, 02:14:34 PM

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I ran Slamm 6 with the NWI photo date turned off and my results were a bit different than when I ran it with it checked on. My initial condition and photo date outputs were exactly the same when I had it off. I am wondering if this is another good way to 'error check' the input?


Jonathan S. Clough

We call this kind of a model run "time-zero" model results.  As much as possible you want results for year 0 (initial condition) and "time-zero" to match.  This is your way of ensuring the conceptual model is working at your site initially.  This comparison is especially important when working with high-vertical-resolution elevation data.  An elevation analysis also assists in examining the conceptual model validity for your site.  There will always be some discrepancy due to input data errors and simplifications within the conceptual model.

See this thread and this thread for more information about time-zero differences.

Good luck -- Jonathan