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The mistakes in SLAMM6 Technical Documentation?

Started by gary, April 09, 2010, 03:27:33 AM

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    I have found two written mistakes in the Techincal Documentation.
the first one is  located in page 19.Actually formulation 11 is a cube equation,but in the documentation, it is written as "quadaratic equation".
the second one is loacted in page 20. this is a formulation error. the formulation 12 should be "ShapePctile = (Shape(Elev)-MinShape)/(MaxShape - MinShape)"  not   "ShapePctile = (Shape(Elev)-MinShape)-(MaxShape - MinShape)" . Am I right? right now,i have been studing your documentation. Have a nice weekend!

Jonathan S. Clough

Hi Gary:

Thanks for the feedback.

This Technical Documentation has lacked a technical editor and I'm sure that glitches abound.  That is an important reason for the "DRAFT" designation.

Of course you are right about the cubic equation.  We had previously considered a quadratic equation but found it not to be sufficiently flexible and the old language persisted...  (The formatting of the superscripts within the equation was faulty as well which I have fixed...)

And yes, the shape percentile equation was also misidentified.  Thanks for your help in tightening up this document!  I'll try to post an updated draft soon. 

-- Jonathan

Jonathan S. Clough