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Wetland Accretion Reclass

Started by cpapiez, August 26, 2010, 12:20:46 PM

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I noticed that the wetland accretion parameters were renamed from SLAMM v5 (salt marsh, brackish marsh, and tidal fresh) to the current parameters of regular flooded, irregular flooded and tidal marsh.  Is the regular flooded refering to salt marsh and irregularly to brackish marsh?  We have accretion data based on the wetland type and I'm not sure where to put brackish accretion rates.  Please let me know if my thinking is correct.



Jonathan S. Clough

Yes, regularly flooded marsh usually corresponds with saltmarsh and irregularly flooded marsh often corresponds with brackish marsh. 

These classes were renamed in SLAMM 6, to more precisely correspond to the NWI classification schemes.  Also, the correlation between regularity of flooding and salinity isn't always perfect.  (Sometimes regularly flooded marsh is flooded with non saline water.  Also, some irregularly flooded marshes wouldn't correspond with what ecologists would designate as "brackish marsh" species.)

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