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Range Check Errors

Started by chayek, March 30, 2010, 07:19:20 AM

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I'm getting a "range check" error and I'm not sure why.  All three of my input rasters are the same size and in the right places, the number of cells to track is only 5.5 million, and there are no zeros in my NWI file.  I can't think of anything else to check for.  A little help, please?

Jonathan S. Clough

I don't know why either.  This problem hasn't occurred in my use of the model or I would have bullet proofed against it.

In order for me to debug your problem you'll have to zip up your model inputs and send them to me (  I promise to use them only to fix this bug.  If they exceed 10MB email me directly and I'll send you information about how to put them up on my FTP site.   Otherwise you'll have to download and run the open-source code in debug mode and tell me on which line of the code this error occurs. 

Good luck -- Jonathan

Jonathan S. Clough

Here's some followup on this question:

I wrote:
Quote> I'm playing with this even though I shouldn't be and managed to get the
> crash once.  It may be related to the counting of the number of cells to
> track.  Try pressing "count" at the bottom of the file setup window before
> proceeding and let me know if that helps.  I'll continue to try to bullet
> proof at this end though I'm gonna really have to put this off til thursday
> now.  -- Jonathan

chayek responded:
Thanks, it's working now!  I did press the count cell button when I
was troubleshooting to make sure there weren't too many cells, but I
don't think I tried running it again after that.  I'll let you know if
it acts up again, but all set for now.

So I responded:
Glad to hear it!   But I'm going to try to bullet-proof the interface anyway, later this week.