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About maximum limit of inputs records...

Started by smits.smiling, March 27, 2010, 01:26:41 PM

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I am trying to load one simulation by setting file paths in "File Setup"..
Its getting loaded but when I execute it, it gives me error that "Error creating map in memory, write map to disk instead?"  :-[
I think this is coming because may be my input files are very large and its not getting enough memory to load my maps.
Is it this case?
And also, Can anyone tell me what is the maximum record that SLAMM can handle?
Is there any limits?
Please reply...  :)

Jonathan S. Clough

SLAMM can load very large sites but will use the hard-drive (or flash drive) to store the large data map.   This reduces model performance by roughly an order of magnitude.  Usually, it is not practical, so we haven't used this option much recently.

Under the file-setup window you can see the current memory utilization in GB.  This is not the entire memory footprint for the application, but just the footprint for the cells within the map itself.  Under 32-bit windows, only 2GB of memory is available for each application (when I tried to boost this to 3GB by modifying the BOOT.INI, it rendered my system non-bootable so I did not pursue this action further)  By selecting to ignore "high elevations" (over 8M in elevation) and open water, you can fit more cells into the memory map.  The largest site that we've run to-date is, I believe, 90 million cells total, but much of that was open water.

We're working on a 64 bit implementation of SLAMM now that will enable much higher memory utilization.

Good luck -- Jonathan

Jonathan S. Clough