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Started by gary, May 01, 2010, 06:41:53 AM

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   I have a question to ask you. Every time,i run the slamm with the test data. i find there is a date named as "0" ,but the NWI data of this year is the initial data.however the data of the real initial date is not the inital one. what is that? just like below: the NWI data of the Transition Salt Marsh in year '0' is 1.44 hectares,but the one in 1980 is 297.692 hectares. actually, the one in 1980 is 1.44 hectares not in year 0. i wanna know why and what is year '0'?
thank you. have a nice weekend! :)
Date   Developed Dry Land   Trans. Salt Marsh
0   5103.18                     1.44
1980   4985.1848                     297.692
2025   4977.1827                     110.6415
2050   4968.8413                     116.0435
2075   4959.5319                     133.7903
2100   4949.708                     152.5467

Jonathan S. Clough

Year 0 represents the initial condition.

Year 1980 represents the model run of the initial condition or the "time-zero" model results.  As much as possible you want results for year 0 and "time-zero" to match.  This is your way of ensuring the conceptual model is working at your site initially.  This comparison is especially important when working with high-vertical-resolution elevation data.  An elevation analysis also assists in examining the conceptual model validity for your site.

See this thread and this thread for more information about time-zero differences.

Cheers -- Jonathan