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Started by chayek, March 17, 2010, 12:32:04 PM

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I executed my simulation to save tabular data only.  The simulation finished after 2.5 hours, but no tabular datae to be seen.  Should it pop up automatically or is it saved to a default location?  If it was supposed to pop up, what might have prevented it from doing so?

Regardless of where the data went, do I have to run the entire model over again to see it next time, or is it saved once it's been run?

Also, tried using "Set Map Attributes" button and after taking about 15 minutes to go through the loading process, got an error message that it couldn't open the map.  Any connections to the above problem?


Jonathan S. Clough

Tabular results are saved in the output directory that is specified in the file-setup screen (Base Output File Name).  If no base output file name is specified it is saved as a CSV file in the same directory as the DEM file.

Try setting the initial zoom to 25% before pressing the "Set Map Attributes" button.  For very large sites, sometimes a zoom of 100% causes a crash. 

you wrote: "do I have to run the entire model over again to see it next time"

What do you mean by "see it?"  You should "Automatically Paste Maps to MSWord" format if you want to see jpegs of model results or save output for GIS if you want GIS ASCII rasters.


When I said "see it" I was thinking if it hadn't saved somewhere already.  I had assumed the default save location to be the folder where the simulation was saved, but I foudn the file, as you said, in the folder where the DEM had been.

Thanks for the help!