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Started by Jonathan S. Clough, April 24, 2009, 09:29:23 AM

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Jonathan S. Clough

Within SLAMM 5 The accretion model has been quite simple:  accretion rates for marshes may be spatially distributed at whatever resolution is deemed appropriate, but they do not change over time.  

Currently, under contract to TNC, the accretion model is being modified to allow for a more sophisticated approach.  The new approach will modifies a maximum theoretical accretion rate considering cell elevation, distance to channel, and salinity (if relevant).  In this manner, feedbacks to SLR will be possible to include in the accretion formulation.  More information about this model, as it continues to be derived and tested, will be posted here.

Jonathan S. Clough

For more information on the "dynamic" accretion model within SLAMM6 please see page 18 of the new Tech. Doc.


Are the distance to channel and elevation of cell factors set to a default if the new accretion parameters are not manually set in version 6, or must these be set?  In other words, is there any difference in the accretion model between version 5 and 6 if none of the new accretion parameters are input?


Jonathan S. Clough

The accretion model is identical between versions if the new accretion values are left at their default values (i.e. if none of them are input.)  -- J