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Compiling Open Source Code; OpenGL

Started by Jonathan S. Clough, December 03, 2009, 07:37:02 AM

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Jonathan S. Clough

Please use this forum to discuss successes or problems compiling the open source code so that we can continue to refine this process.

As I noted in the instructions for Open Source Compilation, the OpenGL library that we used for this project is not available on the web as the website went down.  However, I found a way to access it using the "Internet Archive"  This link should do the trick for now:

If this doesn't work, please contact me directly and I will see what I can do to find another link or help the file compile.  I don't have permission to distribute the OpenGL library at this time but am trying to contact the developer. 

Also, please let me know about successes / failures compiling on other platforms such as Delphi 2010, Lazarus, etc. Thanks!

FYI, here are the compilation notes:


SLAMM Open-Source Code Distribution, 11/30/2009
Code Produces SLAMM 6 beta
Code is object oriented Pascal written with Borland Delphi 2007 development platform

This code is licensed under the Common Public License (CPL), see SLAMM_License.txt


To compile this source code as-is, the following steps must be taken:

1. Install Borland Delphi 2007 for WIN32.   It is recommended that the latest Delphi 2007
   hot-patches and updates be installed though this does not appear to be strictly necessary to
   compile this particular code.

2. Unzip this zip file into a single directory.  This will be your main program directory.

3. Download the Delphi OpenGL Toolkit:  The resulting file structure
   must be placed in an OPENGL directory off of the main program directory, including the
   FRAMEWORK folder.   

   IMPORTANT UPDATE 11/30/2009.  This website is down, hopefully temporarily.  I  will
   do some research as to other sites to download this library or link in an alternative
   library.  Unfortunately I am unable to distribute the library directly via request from the
   developer who writes:  "Please do not redistribute the Dot source code. If you want to share
   the Dot with others, please provide a link to instead, so people can
   download the latest version of the Dot from there." 

   As noted above, you may use the web-archive for now:

4. Select File, Open Project, and Load SLAMM6.dproj file  Executable may be produced by selecting
  "Build" from the Project menu. 

Please send questions to jclough (at@)


Thank you Jonathan. this link works! I have download the zip. It will be great if you can tell how to install the zip in details to make it works.You know,that's my first time to use Delphi and OpenGL, it is a little bit tough. I think there are a lot of people who is not familiar with Delphi and OpenGL. So I hope you can write the directions step by step. Thank you again!


When I "Build" this project, I get several errors:
Undeclared identifier 'DotDipModeDlg' at line 260(206:6)
Undeclared identifier 'FullScreen' at line 260(206:21)
Undeclared identifier 'DotDipModeDlg' at line 271(271:8)
Undeclared identifier 'ColorBits' at line 274(274:21)
Undeclared identifier 'AlphaBits' at line 274(274:32)
Undeclared identifier 'DepthBits' at line 274(274:43)
Undeclared identifier 'StencilBits' at line 274(274:54)
Undeclared identifier 'FSAA' at line 275(275:8)
Undeclared identifier 'FSAASamples' at line 278(278:42)

It seems several variable undeclared. But I dont know how to declare these variable. Would you please tell me how to deal with them.

Thanks a lot.

Jonathan S. Clough

You must unzip the OpenGL source into a subdirectory as listed above.  Do not unzip to a flat folder but retain the directory structure within the zip file.

QuoteThe resulting file structure must be placed in an OPENGL directory off of the main program directory, including the FRAMEWORK folder.    

Then, make sure that the /OpenGL is part of your search path as part of the project options.  (Project Options, Directories/Conditionals, Search Path)  This should automatically be in place though with the project file that you downloaded.  

If this does not help you'll have to tell me the file name from which the errors occurred rather than simply the line numbers...

No code writing or variable declaration is required.

Good luck!  -- J


Thank you! It works.Just like what you said, I download the 'dot' zip and unzip it into a folder named as "OpenGL", then i copy this "OpenGL" folder into the SLAMM6_Open_Source folder. and It works, right now, I can Bulid the codes. Thank you! You are a great guy! LOL