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SLR scenarios

Started by Dean, November 24, 2009, 09:14:39 AM

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I've noticed when running the one meter fixed scenario to 2100 (25yr timestep), that in the excel output file the "SLR (main)" column for the final year is 1.1275. I assume this column is showing the elevation change in meters for MTL (ie predicted sea level) for each respective year. Does the most recent NWI photo date or some other input date or datum adjustment have an impact on the model's 1m fixed rate by 2100 computation?


Jonathan S. Clough

The quick reply is that this is the local SLR predicted at 2100 relative to the NWI photo date.

So, historic SLR (assumed land movement) and the NWI photo date itself will both affect that calculated value.  It is only for the "global" subsite so may not be the most useful metric if many sub-sites are being utilized.