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SLAMM Errors

Started by HeatherAnn, November 23, 2009, 09:18:45 PM

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I was wondering if the new SLAMM was going to better define critical errors.  I was able to run the model once for the lower Columbia River for the A1B scenario but when I tried to run it for A1T it ran for about 4 hours then gave a critical error : Range Check

Since I am using the same extent that was being used when it successfully ran for A1B I am assuming the file size is not to large.  What does this error message mean?  Thanks,

Jonathan S. Clough

Dear HeatherAnn:

The goal is certainly to provide better information about crashes in the new version.  The old version had very little bullet-proofing, a function of the lack of money for interface development (as opposed to model application):

The new version provides much more and better info about file compatibility and memory requirements.  I also have slowly been trapping errors and providing better error messages but I'm sure there are still a few out there.  It will not be perfect but it will be open source allowing users to better pinpoint any application problems.

I don't know why you would receive this Range-check error for A1T and not A1B.  You may need to send me the files for me to test that simulation here in "debug mode."  I may be able to get to that over Thanksgiving but I'm under the gun on many deadlines so I can't make promises.  First please make sure you can reproduce the problem by quitting SLAMM, reentering, and re-running the offending application overnight.

-- Jonathan