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Difficulties with habitat changing in Dike Protected area.

Started by ANguyen, April 30, 2024, 01:56:16 PM

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I'm having difficulties with the habitat changing in dike protected areas. I'm using SLAMM (version 6.7 beta) to simulate SLR within an area that contains dikes.

I made sure to create the raster with the dike protected designated as 1 and the non-protected areas as 0. I checked that the 'classic dike raster' in the file set up and the 'include dikes' is on as well as turned off the 'use soil saturation' (as suggested in a previous forum post). The NWI that overlaps the dike contains no categories of "riverine tidal," "estuarine water," "tidal creek," and "open ocean" (I reclassified all of those categories to inland open water). I also checked that the connectivity of the site, which highlights the dike areas as connected to saltwater source.

The results are showing as if there is no dike in place causing the habitats to change as SLR increases. I'd like to stimulate the presence of the dike to accurately reflect current conditions.