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Automatically Convert Between ASC / SLB

Started by PCoughlin, March 14, 2022, 01:09:12 PM

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I am a master's student who has been working on incorporating models of land use change and hard armoring into the SLAMM framework. Essentially, every 10 years, I: (1) Run SLAMM, (2) model new urban development, (3) model new hard armoring, and then incorporate the results from (2) and (3) into the NWI .asc raster to be protected before running SLAMM for the next timestep.

I am writing to see if it is possible to automate the conversion of .asc files to .SLB and vice-versa. In the .txt parameters for each simulation file, I see the option to save binary GIS files, but as far as I can tell, the only way to convert between them is manually in the "File Setup" window. It would save considerable computation time if there was some way to replicate the "Binary" and "Conv. Binary Files to ASCII" buttons within a given scenario file, but I understand this might not be feasible.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Happy to elaborate if anything above is unclear.

Kindest regards,

Jonathan S. Clough

I'm sorry, that feature is not yet available.

Eventually I'd like to make SLAMM compatible with compressed GEOTIFF files, but that would likely require porting the whole software to a different development platform where those libraries are available.  The model is a bit stuck on Delphi XE3 for now until some funds become available for porting it.