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protection and nwi photo data options

Started by Dean, August 31, 2009, 11:18:25 AM

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It seems that unchecking these in the model does not effect the outputs.  Every run I've completed models the NWI photo date (unchecked or not) and always protects developed, regardless of what's checked.  I've tried with both "Don't Protect" and "Protect Developed..." checked and then with just "Don't Protect" checked, with the same results for all three outputs (the developed is protected).  Any ideas/suggestions?


Jonathan S. Clough

Not behavior that I'm familiar with.  I use these options all the time with no problems.  Not to say there isn't a problem with your version.  I'll check it out.  What is the version number and date you're working with?  -- J


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks!  I'm using v5.0.2 October 2008.  Is there a newer version ready yet?

Actually, a run just completed while having only the "Don't protect" option checked and it came out fine.

Can you check both protect and don't protect and have it run both scenarios in the same run?  I ran a multiple scenario simulation over the weekend.  Everything came out fine except for the developed area not changing in the 1, 1.5, and 2 meter scenarios.  In other words, all files that are protect developed labeled match those not labeled.  Just letting you know.  I ran the model for 10 yr time steps until 2100.

Thanks again,

Jonathan S. Clough

If both boxes are checked the software is supposed first run protect and then run don't protect and save results and maps for both.  However, there may be a bug there because we almost always run only one at a time.  I'll look into it.

-- Jonathan



  I have also noticed that with 5.0.2.  Developed is always protected if anything other than don't protect is checked.  The way around that was to, as was already mentioned, run each scenario independently.  No big deal but just so you know.

  Also when i ran the "protect all" scenario, I did get a slight loss of undeveloped land, less than half a percent of the original land.  I assume that may be unavoidable, but I just wanted to check.

  Also, one last question here, it mentions Total Ha at the top of the spreadsheet output, so I assume the rest of the values are in hectares?


Jonathan S. Clough

OK, thanks for pointing out that bug.  I'll fix it for the next version which I'm working on now.

All spreadsheet output is indeed in hectares.

Dry land, both developed and undeveloped is predicted to be subject to soil saturation from the increase in the fresh water table.  This is not something that building a dike or seawall is predicted to help.  I guess that someone could bring in fill or build drainage ditches and protect that area, but that is not part of the model assumptions at this time.

By the way, if I'm a bit slow in responding, feel free to email me directly ! -- Jonathan

Jonathan S. Clough

OK many months later this interface glitch has been fixed and will be part of the next release of SLAMM6, which incidentally is slated for later this week or early next.  -- Jonathan