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Backtrack past conditions?

Started by jacky, March 31, 2020, 06:29:44 PM

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Hello Jonathon and Marco,

I am new to SLAMM. I am wondering whether SLAMM can be used to backtrack past conditions, such as in the 1990s.

Thank you for your wonderful job and help.

Regards! -- Jacky

Jonathan S. Clough


Backtracking also called "hindcasting" can be done but is often tricky due to lack of high quality elevation data in the past.  Another significant issue is whether enough local SLR has happened since the mid 1990s to have the model predict any significant change in marshes due to the SLR signal (which is the only real perturbation in a SLAMM simulation). 

Please see this thread for some examples and let me know if you have additional questions: