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Started by Jonathan S. Clough, December 05, 2008, 10:00:59 AM

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Jonathan S. Clough

Welcome to the SLAMM Forum! 

Our goal in creating this forum is to both provide the SLAMM user community a source for consolidated information on the model and to give the users a chance to voice their comments and concerns to one another.

If you are interested, please writing a short introduction about yourself and your relationship with the SLAMM model here.


The SLAMM Team


I am Dean Hardy. I'm a GIS technician working with the University of Georgia's River Basin Center.  We're working under a Coastal Incentives Grant from the GA DNR to visualize SLR on the GA coast.

We're hoping to build on the work of Craft et al. (2009) by visualizing SLR at time steps relevant to developers and other stakeholders, and at higher resolutions, using 10m NED and LiDAR data for smaller portions of the GA coast.  We'll be focusing on Glynn County, which is St. Simon's, Jekyll, Sea, and Little St. Simon's Islands, plus the mainland.  GIS outputs are being modeled in VNS with aerial and satellite imagery, to increase the effectiveness of visualization.