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model validation

Started by gverutes, January 16, 2020, 06:31:59 AM

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I recently applied SLAMM in Mexico along the Yucatan coast.  Can someone point me to validation examples from previous applications...perhaps in the US Gulf of Mexico?

Much appreciated,

Jonathan S. Clough

A validation exercise was done for Louisiana in Glick et al.

Some other validation attempts were made in the Gulf of Mexico through

See "Hindcast results" in these reports:

Great White Heron NWR, FL
Ten Thousand Islands NWR, FL
Lower Suawnnee, FL
MS Sandhill Crane NWR, MS
San Bernard and Big Boggy NWRs, TX

Validation is often confounded by -- lack of adequate historical SLR to cause impacts to wetlands, lack of high-quality historic land-cover and especially elevation datasets, and other anthropogenic changes to wetland cover (non-SLR losses)