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Started by ommg, July 25, 2019, 10:47:09 PM

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Sir I am completely new to work on slamm I have the following questions

1.Is Aster DEM is relevant instead of Lidar data.
2.Where to get the MHHW,MLLW DATA?
3.I am working on tidal how to define the polygon class for the tidal flat?

looking forward for first reply as I am eager to work on this model.
Thank you. :)

Jonathan S. Clough

Hello:  Thanks for your interest in the model.

1. "ASTER DEM standard data products are produced with 30m postings, and have Z accuracies generally between 10 m and 25 m root mean square error (RMSE)."  I'm afraid that that Z accuracy is not going to be compatible with modeling the effects of 1-2 meters of SLR on marsh systems.  You will need LiDAR or ifSar.  I would say you wouldn't want a vertical RMSE of above 25 cm.

2.  In US applications we get MHHW and MLLW data from NOAA gauges.  You can use whichever type of tide gauge or water level monitoring data that you have available -- long term data are best.

3.  The SLAMM model usually assumes that tidal flats have a lowest elevation at MLLW.  That means that you would need aerial imagery that is tidally coordinated (taken at low tide) 

Best regards -- Jonathan