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elevation output in SLAMM 6.7

Started by MSub, July 03, 2018, 09:02:32 AM

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We are using SLAMM version 6.7 and wanted to make sure the following holds on this version:
  • this version considers historical SLR rate or Uplift/Subsidence raster and marsh accretion rate in order to calculate the marsh elevations in relation to sea level as explained in Accretion or surface elevation change. So, it means the elevation output of SLAMM incorporates both these rates in marsh area and the first rate (historic SLR rate or Uplift/Subsidence raster) in open water and upland area?
  • unlike mentioned on Elevation output, the elevation output is converted back into NAVD88 on this version?

Thank you!

Jonathan S. Clough

Sorry -- the forum stopped notifying me of new posts apparently and I completely missed this until today.

The accretion and historical SLR and uplift subsidence equations and considerations haven't changed since the previous version.

Elevation data can be output as MTL or NAVD88.