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salinity model and map attributes

Started by Dean, August 26, 2009, 08:16:22 AM

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Hi Jonathan (or anyone who can help),

I'm having trouble understanding the inputs for the map attributes. I want to set the estuary boundaries so the salinity model is used, but can't discern what all the inputs in the model inidicate after reading the Tech. Doc from Oct. '08.  Do you have this written up with more detail?  If not, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. (FYI, I'm not wanting to use subsites, as I'm modeling a relatively small area as it is.)

Things I don't understand include:
1. Define Origin, Mouth (is this like the vectors in Fig. 9 of the Tech Doc or something completely different?)
2. Define Boundary (is this also like Fig. 9, but the polygon?)
3. Max Elev T.S. (Tall Spartina?)

Finally, when I create an attribute file with just one or two estuaries defined, I'm getting the following error message when I try to Calibrate FracFresh:

"Access violation at address 00479DC8 in module 'slamm5.0.2.exe' Write of address 00000008"

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jonathan S. Clough

The salinity module is currently not supported:

The reasons are

1. It is undocumented: I can't conceive of anybody using it without extensive hand-holding from myself.  I just don't have time to do that.
2. It only applies to very specific estuary geometry and vegetation succession.  In most areas I've worked with it hasn't been applicable.
3. It is in the process of being rewritten, refined, and documented.
4. The interface is raw and non-bullet-proofed as you found out already.

Sorry:  -- Jonathan

Here's some more background:

Salinity Module: 

QuoteThe salinity sub-model was written as part of the STAR grant as the original model was not working well when there was significant freshwater influence.   (Required as marsh-type is more highly correlated to salinity than elevation when fresh-water flow is significant, Higinbotham et. al, 2004)
We never originally had funding or scope to write the salinity portion of the model under STAR but managed to squeeze it in under the original scope.  The resulting model is therefore simple.  There are several nuances to applying this model (e.g. manner of defining estuaries and flow-vectors) that have never been adequately documented and are not likely to be so.  The salinity model is essentially unsupported by us at the current time (for use by other users than ourselves).
The salinity model does currently have funding to be significantly updated and refined under a TNC conrract.  That work is expected to be completed within the next six months.  Therefore, this "original" version of the salinity model is not expected to be fully documented or supported at any time as we are instead putting our efforts towards the refinement and documentation and support of that model.


OK, that's fine.  Good luck with rewriting it.  I'm looking forward to seeing it!