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Results of GCPLCC_ASC_Raster_Results

Started by Beneke, July 11, 2017, 11:36:46 AM

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Jonathon, Amy and Marco,
We have a problem with the Charlotte Harbor data. The Apalachicola grid is displayed in the correct position, but the Charlotte Harbor gird is not. Both are undefined projections in this image.  I worked on the projection conversion (project raster, define projection etc) this morning for several hours before going to Dr. Mark Barrett our Associate Research Scientist to see if I was missing anything. We both came to the same conclusion that the files may have been created and converted incorrectly and we are unable to use any of our tools to correct them so that each would project correctly. Are we correct in our findings and do you have a solution for us?
Thanks, Brian[attach name=Data_view+and+FL+are+in+GCS_North_American_1983_HARN.png type=image/png]68[/attach]

Jonathan S. Clough

Thanks for the heads up -- we will look at this issue tomorrow.

Best -- Jonathan

Jonathan S. Clough

We have converted these to georeferenced compressed TIFF files and put them here:

We generally deliver data as GEOTIFF files now as they are georeferenced, well compressed (lossless), and quickly imported into any GIS software.

The problem was, the files were originally run and projected by TNC Florida (our project was designed to utilize previous work completed), and they chose the projection of NAD83 Florida West.  We did not reproject their raster files and ASC files do not carry their projection with them, thus resulting in the confusion.

Hope this is useful -- please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!

-- Jonathan & Marco


For future reference,

the projection used in each SLAMM project developed for GCPLCC and located in the Gulf of Mexico is listed in the following document

A great deal of information regarding the overall project can be found at