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Editable Erosion Threshold

Started by Jonathan S. Clough, June 21, 2017, 02:59:50 PM

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Jonathan S. Clough

Now on GitHub https://github.com/WarrenPinnacle/SLAMM6.7

Editable Max Fetch Threshold for Marsh Erosion -- Marsh horizontal erosion rates will now be applied when an editable marsh fetch has been exceeded for each marsh cell (previously this was hard-wired at 9km and this value will be loaded as a default into older SLAMM6 simulations.).  The threshold may be edited on a subsite by subsite basis.  (This parameter is not relevant if the wave-energy erosion submodel is being utilized.)

We meant to add this as a feature of SLAMM 6.7 initially, but got so caught up in the new fancy wave power formulation that we forgot to modify the basic model.

Also -- the "Last year of simulation" variable is always utilized even if "run specific years is selected."  The interface was modified to make this more clear.

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