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problem in running simulation

Started by Pat Prado, March 04, 2016, 12:56:32 AM

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Pat Prado


I am new to SLAMM and I am in the early stage of running a first simulation for a fixed SLR.
I loaded the files but I had several pop up windows saying "Incorrect numerical format entered" during the selection of options and the maps didn't load. Another pop up Windows also said "Range check error". Could you please help with the meaning of these?? As an output I got a rater file that I cannot open with ArcGis, a word file with the options selected, and an excel file with the SLR scenario for each habitat that doesn't make any sense...
I am also a little concern that there is not a perfect overlap between between the DEM and the habitats file because they were done at different precision scales. Could that be part of the problem??

Thanks a lot for your help!!

Jonathan S. Clough

Hi Patricia: 


First of all, all of your input files must be ESRI ASCII Rasters (format specified at the end of the tech doc) and they must all have the same cell size, number of rows and columns and lower-left corner statistics.  In other words, the spatial aspect of all cells in all inputs must be identical.

If this is not your problem, feel free to zip up your SLAMM6 file and Rasters and send them to us and we'll be able to quickly pinpoint the problem.

You should always go through the set map attributes button and QA/QC your maps and spatial-data setup before running a simulation.  All parameters must be specified (i.e. you cannot leave anything as zero as a default, especially not dates).  You must have a valid relationship between wetland maps, elevation maps, and tide ranges to get anything useful out of your simulation.  This is a very important step and once you have your files properly specified I can provide more details about how you test the model setup.

Best regards -- Jonathan

Pat Prado

Hello  Jonathan,

Thanks a lot for your advice. I am working on my ASCII rasters so all of them have the same number of rows and columns and I'll give it another try, taking care in specifying all the required parametres.
I am almost sure that I'll need more help with the model setup, so thanks for the offer and talk to you soon!!

Best Regards,