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SLR Scenario

Started by chintakandel, November 12, 2015, 12:19:49 PM

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I ran SLAMM with SLR Scenario -  A1B-1m(custom) for 2014-2100. Does SLAMM consider 1m for the entire period or automatically adjust SLR for different time period(I mean SLR for 2014 must be smaller than 1m !)?

Amy Polaczyk

The 1m SLR you specified is 1m by 2100. As stated in the technical documentation: "SLAMM will scale the A1B scenario to estimate time-varying Sea Level Rise that will result in the specified degree of eustatic SLR by 2100."  So the actual SLR at the timsteps before 2100 will be similar to those shown in Figure 1 of the tech. doc.

Hope this helps.