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Full Gulf Rasters

Started by Beneke, September 22, 2015, 10:01:11 AM

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Having some difficulty loading the 30 gb files into ArcMap. I would like to use them and clip to Central and South Florida. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks, Brian

Amy Polaczyk

Hi Brian,

The whole gulf rasters are really large, but you can also download the results as the individual study areas. I suggest this approach:

Go to

Check the report to determine the names/numbers of the study areas you need (pg 8-11)

Download the new (aka gap) areas using the second link in the Quick Links (Final Model Raster Output). You'll have to download all the new areas and pick out the ones you need.

If there are "existing SLAMM areas" (i.e., they were run before this project) in your AOI, you can download them using the GIS repository link under Task 2. If you want the newest outputs for these let me know which areas you need via email.

Of course let us know if you need additional support.