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Model calibration

Started by Beneke, July 14, 2015, 10:56:09 AM

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I've run several successful "test" scenarios and now I'm trying to make sure that SLAMM is calibrated properly before I continue. I understand that some SLAMM Categories may more uncertainty that others. For example, –Larger in tidal flat and beach due to uncertainty in land/water interface (from presentation by Amy Polaczyk, 10/22/13) this would explain one of the four unexplained major changes from initial condition and Time zero.
I have attached an excel file with these areas highlighted in yellow. Could you tell me if the other SLAMM Categories could also see a major change between initial condition and Time Zero?


Tidal flat is coming from the conversion of low regularly-flooded marsh. So, this may be an issue of your marsh elevations that are too low with respect to the modeled tides. Or maybe from satellite images these areas are actually tidal flats ....


So looking at the output excel file would you be able to tell me if it appears to be calibrated?


As a rule of thumb we usually consider it calibrated if the land cover conversion are less than 5% but if additional information explains observed conversions then the calibration can be considered acceptable. For example, if satellite maps show tidal flats instead of marshes then it may be acceptable to have a higher conversion.