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Estuary migration

Started by YUROK1, July 14, 2015, 12:40:09 PM

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In our recent model run the SLAMM outputs for Estuarine and Riverine Tidal  polygons are showing no deviation from existing conditions under a A1B max at 2100 and 2175. Shouldn't  these boundaries be moving inland? What appears to be modeled are grey striations (multiple lines) within the Riverine Tidal polygon, more so at 2100. Is this a glitch in the model?


After closer inspection the grey lines within the Riverine tidal polygon are actually strips of Estuarine polygons. The model is suggesting upriver/inland migration of the estuary but seems to be confused possibly by an adjacent side channel, thus causing a strange dynamic. I am not sure why upper boundary of the Riverine Tidal polygon has not migrated upriver/inland? Any suggestions to confirm or remedy this issue would be appreciated.