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Emergent Coast

Started by YUROK1, June 03, 2015, 03:11:53 PM

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Will the model run if a negative value ( such as -1)  is entered into the Historical trend parameter? I am wondering if the model can work backwards to reflect shifts in wetland structure due receding water levels from  a highly  emergent coastline. Thanks


Both Technical Documentation and User's Manual have lots of information that may help answering many questions.

As it is written in the User's Manual for the Historic Trend: "Used to estimate subsidence or uplift unless a raster file of land movement is specified". Uplifit is modeled by setting the historical tend less than 1.7 mm/yr (see also Elevation Model in Technical Documentation).


Perhaps you can reference a page number? The reason I asked is that the Tech doc states:

"Aggradation, the creation of land or drying of wetlands when sea levels fall or when accretion rates exceed sea levels, is not included in the current implementation of SLAMM 6. (page 20)

I wanted to make sure that in the case when sea level is falling due to an outpacing rate of uplift (using a negative historical trend value in place of a raster) , that the model will run. 



SLAMM can model uplift but unfortunately does not model the land cover changes due to aggradation. The model will not crash but for example a marsh area that keeps gaining elevation with respect to sea level will not become dry land at any point. 


Thank you for the clarification.