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Output shows no change in wetland type during 2000-2100 !

Started by chintakandel, March 30, 2015, 02:32:14 PM

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I ran the model with 3 required inputs(NWI photo date-1982, elevation data-2012 and slope); Execution options:Scenario-A1B,checked track all cells, Estimate-Max. Model ran without error but output shows no change in the wetland area for particular categories during 2000-2100. I would appreciate the suggestions to resolve this issue.

Jonathan S. Clough

There are several possible reasons for this issue --

Elevation data have incorrect units.  Please go through the Set Map Attributes and then into elevation analysis and run an elevation analysis to ensure that your model data are reasonable with respect to the conceptual model here:

You must supply a DEM date and an NWI date.  Sometimes if one of these are set to zero elevations become highly distorted.

Ensure that your NAVD88 to MTL correction is set properly.

All maps must have units of meters.

Good luck, continue to examine your map in the Set Map Attributes tools and you should figure out your problem.


Thanks for quick response with possible reasons.   

Jonathan S. Clough

My coworkers also point out that tide ranges need to be properly parameterized!  -- Jonathan