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Using another SLR Scenario

Started by hachinamio, February 26, 2015, 01:01:51 PM

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Hi everybody,

I'm using SLAMM for my study. I have an inquiry about SLR scenario. Is it possible for me to use another SLR scenario other than IPCC's? More specifically, I have regional SLR scenario (in Canada), it starts from 2010 to 2100 (of course my input data - NWI photo's date is 2012). However, SLAMM uses SLR scenario from IPCC and it starts from 1990 to 2100. So, what I want to know is that If I can use my own scenario and change the starting year (2010 in my study), because in SLAMM, they are fixed (the scenarios and starting date).

Thanks for your helps.


first of all, all the results will have your starting date as the wetland layer initial date. So, for what concerns the SLR, the actual sea level increase is from the SLR scenario curve selected but only from the initial date of the model (2012 for you), e.g. if you select 1 m SLR scenario you will have 0 m SLR by 2012 and 0.8841 m SLR by 2100, calculated by rescaling A1B-Maximum (see Technical Documentation).  

In your case, your actual SLR curve cannot be included at the moment. However, you can select custom scenarios for studying a scenario that has same overall SLR change by 2100 but uses A1B-max as base curve. As an example, if you want to see x=CanadaSLR2100-CanadaSLR2012 you have to input x/0.8841, e.g. if you want to study the case of 1 m SLR between 2012-2100, you have to input 1.131 m.

Hope it helps and good luck,


Thanks for your response.

I understand what you meant. However, my regional SLR scenario curve may be different with IPCC's one, and this scenario is for period of 2010-2100, so I cant use regional SLR scenario at the moment but IPCC's.
I'm a programmer as well, is it possible for me to recode the open source in order to take the regional SLR scenario into account?



as the code is open source you can certainly manipulate it to better fit your needs. However, you also need a Visual Pascal Compiler. We use Delphi (we tried Free Pascal but it did not compile). Read Help/About/SourceCode/Info for more information.

The function with the SLR scenarios is EustaticSLChange.

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