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few wetland types in study area

Started by mstodd, January 20, 2015, 03:40:27 PM

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Hello.  What do you recommend if one's study area is small (e.g., barrier islands), so only few wetland types in SLAMM are represented? Run SLAMM on a broader area (incl. mainland coast) and designate actual areas of interest (i.e., islands) as output sites?

In another thread ( you wrote "If you try to run the model with fewer wetland categories than exist in the model you will, by definition, be collapsing wetland types.  This will likely bring your wetland designations out of phase with the SLAMM conceptual model."


The small size of the study area and the small number of land cover types present should not be a problem when running SLAMM.

The comment from the other thread referred to crosswalking to fewer land cover types with different land conversion rules.