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Latin-Hypercube Errors

Started by later_slater, November 17, 2014, 02:12:19 PM

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After running the Latin-Hypercube analysis, I receive these errors. Distribution Error! ICDF Called with Invalid Parameters, I/OError 103, Range Check Error, Run-Time Error During Uncertainty Iteration, Run-Time Error Writing to File After Uncertainty Run.

I'm fairly new to SLAMM so I don't have an idea on how to correct these.

Jonathan S. Clough

Can you email me the SLAMM6 file?   That will help me find the problem quickly.  Thanks!  -- Jonathan

Jonathan S. Clough

Thanks for sending me that file.  For some reason all of your distributions were set as "uniform" with the minimum value greater than the maximum.  The interface shows a "distribution error" but if you then leave the setup without fixing the parameters the error prevents you from getting back into the setup to fix the problem.  I have fixed that and this should not be a problem in future versions.  I will send you a version of your file with the minimum less than the maximum for your testing purposes.

Remember that each distribution acts as a multiplier on the point estimate.  This is designed so that a single multiplier can be relevant to multiple subsites that may have slightly differing parameters.