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Run Time Errors

Started by SteveF, October 24, 2014, 10:34:32 AM

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Hello,  I am new to SLAMM modeling and am just starting to learn how it works.  My first adventure starts with a 'Run Time Error '429' message.  ActiveX component can't create object."

I see that this relates to the Visual Basic DLL.  I am using Windows 7.0 and Office 2010.  Where should I look to fix this?


Jonathan S. Clough

Hmm, when is this error raised?  When writing results to Word?   If so, try saving your maps to gif instead... 

What version of the model are you running?  Please upgrade to 6.2 if you are not already using that. 

If exporting data to Word you must have the fully paid version of word and not word starter for the software to work.

If you give me more information about which version you are using and what steps you are taking precisely when using the model I may be able to provide more information.   Good luck -- Jonathan


I am using Windows 7.0 and Office 2010. Both are paid versions that were installed when I purchased my Toshiba Laptop.  The computer has a Core i7, Service Pack 1, 8.00 GB RAM,

I am using Version 6.2 Beta downloaded within 1 week.  When I launch SLAMM, its banner reads SLAMM v6.2 beta, December 2012, 64 bit.

When I start the simulation, using the sample data you provided (both the S1_puget Sound and Stmarks_SLAMM_6.2) two pop up windows appears: 

The first
Microsoft Visual Basic error, Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object

The Second
Runtime Error copying map to Microsoft Word for year 0. Retry writing map to Word?

The first time I ran the model, I did not see the check box for saving maps to GIF format.  The second time, I did check the box.   However the error occurred in each circumstance.  I am not modifying anything except the length of time the model runs, instead of running to 2100, I selected 2020 with a 10 year time step, just to put the model through its paces.

I'll continue to test, but I don't know where to look, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Jonathan S. Clough

Try un-checking the box to write to MS Word -- J


Quote from: Jonathan S. Clough on October 27, 2014, 06:29:41 AM
Try un-checking the box to write to MS Word -- J

It has not been checked in any of the runs I've initiated.

Jonathan S. Clough

There is another problem that could cause this error.

If under file setup the "base output file name" has an invalid character for a file name or points to a nonexistent directory this error will be raised.  I have improved the error message in our code base and it will be more clear in future versions.  For now, please leave that section blank and see if that solves your problem.