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Elevation analysis issue

Started by rouges, October 15, 2014, 12:20:32 PM

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I just started using SLAMM 6.2 to run a few simulations. I inputted the lidar, ground cover and slope files and followed all the steps in the user manual. So far everything works fine, including the files validity, except for the elevation analysis tool.  When I try to use it and click on Run Elevation Analysis, the n cells / 5th pct. / mean and so forth show only zeros for every category  ???. Meaning I can't get histograms or any data to export to excel. I'm using windows 8, not sure if that has something to do with it.

I'll really appreciate some help with this.

Amy Polaczyk


Do you have the pre-process wetland elevations set to true? The elevation analysis will not run when the pre-processor is used.

Best regards,


Thanks for the quick response. Is working now!

The NWI pre-processor was set to True, now's off.
So according to the technical doc, if my inputs include LIDAR (or any higher quality data) there's no point on running the pre-processor to estimate elevations?

Amy Polaczyk

Correct. The elevation pre-processor is only needed when the elevation data is derived from contours.

Glad it was an easy fix!



Couple of questions:

On Slamm 6, you're able to change the default Min and Max elevations for site-specific data, in my case Grand Bay, MS. Is it recommended to change the conceptual model even when dealing with LiDAR data (which is a high-quality input)? By changing these default values, am I risking placing a category below MTL for example? Under which circumstances should I change the default values to site specific data?

I'm having trouble finding information regarding site specific wetland category elevations, I'll appreciate some advice on this too.


Jonathan S. Clough

Also, as you are modeling Grand Bay, I hope you are aware of this:

Best regards -- Jonathan