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Error in saving simulation

Started by Nava, June 30, 2014, 09:24:37 AM

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I just running SLAMM for the first time, and I'm getting and error: "Unable to write to C:\
Program Files\SLAMM 6.2 Beta\SLAMM6.INI" when I try to save a simulation. Any ideas?

Jonathan S. Clough

Windows 7 (and probably 8) is very picky about allowing software to write to files in the PROGRAM directory.  There is an ini file in the same directory as the executable that saves the recently used files list. 

For this reason, the default installation location is to the desktop.  The model may also be installed to any directory for which the user has "Read-Write-Execute" permissions.  To change the permissions of a folder, see page 4 of this document


Thanks! I thought I used the default installation, but its not on my desktop. I'll download it again and make sure it goes there.

Jonathan S. Clough

OK, sorry if it's an error in the installer!  -- J