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Weird Accretion Outputs

Started by Hayley Bahr, April 09, 2014, 01:51:28 PM

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Hayley Bahr

Alright folks,
I had an interesting thing happen when I ran a SLAMM. The initial and 2025 years outputs looked normal, specific to accretion but the 2050, 2075, and 2100 years look screwy.  The later years had weird vertical striations. Any advice...

I could figure out how to put images in the post so they are attachments.

Thanks a bunch.

Jonathan S. Clough

Definitely not normal.  Hard to tell if it's a model error or a problem with your input files.

Some questions -- what is the habitat type there?  Are you modeling dynamic accretion feedbacks (accretion as a function of tide range)?  Have you rendered your elevation map to ensure that that is not the source of the strange patterning?

-- J