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Integer Overflow

Started by Hayley Bahr, May 29, 2014, 07:44:59 AM

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Hayley Bahr

When I went to set map attributes, it popped up the window of "counting cells to track" (completely normal). It reached 99% completed then through an error "integer overflow." I was wondering if anyone had any idea what it means and how to remedy it.


Hayley Bahr

So once I push okay on the error, it starts counting the cells again. Is it possible that I am trying to run too big of an area?

Jonathan S. Clough

Hi Hayley:

It is certainly possible that the area is too large (especially if combined with a very small cell size).  I have not seen an "integer overflow" myself.

I assume you are using the 64-bit version of this software now available through the forum?  (  That truly helps with memory issues if you have a 64-bit machine and more than 4GB ram.

One helpful tool is at the bottom of the "file setup window" that tells you the memory utilization in GB (you may need to recount to get this).  If that exceeds 2GB in a 32 bit system then you'll likely be in trouble.  The sky is more the limit with a 64 bit machine, depending on the RAM installed.

If this problem persists and you cannot work around it, consider putting your source data on FTP and we will reproduce the problem here in "debug mode" and try to help you get beyond it.

Good luck!   -- Jonathan


Hello, Was a solution to this problem identified? I am running into the same issue with 'raster overflow'. I'm running version 6.3 Beta on a 64 bit machine with 12GB of RAM. When I execute SLAMM on my data the "counting cells to track" gets to 31% and then I get an error "integer overflow". Is there a work around for this? I looked on the forum and didn't find an answer. I am working with some rather large datasets and I wonder if it is a SLAMM limitation???

Thanks John Guinotte