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Started by Jonathan S. Clough, March 28, 2014, 06:25:43 AM

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Jonathan S. Clough

I am happy to announce that we have completed the 64-bit version of SLAMM and it is ready to be downloaded and installed.  The installer is located here:


The Technical Documentation and Users Manual is included in the installer which (not surprisingly) requires a 64-bit version of Windows.  However, a 32-bit version of the installer is located here for those who don't have 64-bit machines


Here are direct links to the new documents



We performed major revisions to both documents-- changing the structure of the Tech Doc to be more logical and checking all of the "flow-chart" logic at the back of the document against the source code.  The User's manual has been made current to document all new interface updates.

The source code is also available for download directly through the model interface or here:


Many thanks to USFWS for funding this step forward in model development.

  -- Jonathan

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