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Latest Versions of SLAMM

Started by Jonathan S. Clough, March 28, 2014, 06:22:31 AM

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Jonathan S. Clough

SLAMM 6.7 was released in July 2016. 

This version is being updated in an on-going basis at GitHub

This includes updates to installers, executable, source code, and documentation.

A summary of recent releases may be found here:

Jonathan S. Clough

An updated version of SLAMM 6.7 is posted on the release page today (3-2-2017).  Build #234.

The errors fixed are:

  • Fixed an interface bug in which histograms were not displaying properly in "classic SLAMM category mode"
  • Fixed a bug in which calculation of elevation statistics could cause Range-Check-Error in "classic SLAMM category mode"
  • Fixed a bug in which GIS outputs could be out of sequence in "classic SLAMM category mode" (especially tidal swamp)
  • Corrected wording in Tech Doc -- tidal fresh marsh converts to irregularly flooded marsh not "transitional marsh" in "California" mode.
  • Added units to wind-rose input (10 meter, 10 minute avgs.)

Jonathan S. Clough

SLAMM 6.7 is now on GitHub!

Build 236 is now available with a few minor bug fixes:

  • Connectivity to inland-open water was inadvertently considered equivalent to connectivity to tidal water.  That has been corrected.
  • Conversion from SLB files to ASC files was fixed

The 64-bit installer is here:

Jonathan S. Clough

We're up to Build 239

Editable Max Fetch for Marsh -- Marsh horizontal erosion rates will now be applied when this editable marsh fetch has been exceeded for each marsh cell (previously this was hard-wired at 9km and this value will be loaded into older SLAMM6 simulations.).  This may be edited on a subsite by subsite basis.  This parameter is not relevant if the wave-energy erosion submodel is being utilized.

Also the "Last year of simulation variable" is always utilized even if "run specific years" is selected.  The interface was modified to make this more clear.