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Error Reading Slope File

Started by coreyjlange, February 11, 2014, 04:23:00 PM

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I was initiating a new model run, and SLAMM was counting cells to track and it came up with an error message. The message is:

Error Reading Slope File. Row: 11447; Col: 25653. "9-9999" is not a valid number.

So it tells me where the error is, but how do I fix this in the raster?


I figured out my problem. It seems to be that there was a pixel with "no data" in my slope file. So to fix the problem, I went to export data on the raster.  By clicking the Use Renderer button under Output Raster, it will change the "no data" pixels to a value of the nearest pixel. At least that was my interpretation of the function. It seemed to have fixed my problem at least.

Jonathan S. Clough

Glad that the problem is solved, except that we routinely use "no-data" cells to designate blank areas in our models.  Therefore, I was stumped by your question.  Glad it's fixed anyway.  -- J