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Started by caroline, August 20, 2013, 05:28:21 PM

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I am wondering if anyone has a script or tool that will batch convert my numerous SLAMM ASCII output files to raster? I tried one but the file names are more than 13 characters so it wouldn't work. In future versions I would like to see the output files in raster already so they don't need to be converted to raster. Also it would be nice that the names were automatically output to less than 13 characters. Thanks!



Hi Caroline,
the ASCII output files are already rasters. They are in ESRI ARC/INFO ASCII GRID format and you should be able to open them with any GIS software. The only thing you need to do is to set the color map you prefer for visualization (e.g. using same colors of SLAMM).



Thanks Marco,

Thanks, I tried as you suggested but that takes some time too, so I will stick with my Ascii conversions as I rename them as I go. My ArcGIS batch function seems to be finally working (it wasn't before for unknown reasons) so that saves some time. Now if I could just import a color scheme to all the files at once, instead of one at a time (ESRI needs to do), it would be real efficient.

Elena V

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for posting this - I've had the same challenges. It would be great if you could import the same symbology to multiple rasters at once, but I guess that's a question for the ArcGIS forums...

I also wonder whether future versions of SLAMM would let you specify the format of the output name. I am also trying to batch rename my files because the names are far too long and complicated to do subsequent batch processing in Arc (most of which requires converting the ASCII to raster first). You get a slurry of errors due to spaces in the names and the length of the names. I'm currently looking for python scripts to batch rename my files.

Just as an example, I'd like to rename a file of this format:
Run3-37_output, 2080, 1.664 meters _GIS.ASC

To something like this:
R3372080n.ASC  (where n stands for not protected)