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saturation and tidal information

Started by magdeline, August 18, 2013, 12:38:25 PM

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I was wondering how saturation is calculated in the model. Additionally, if a DEM with MTL as it's datum is being used (and MTL is already set to 0), do you still need to plug in GT and historic trend? MTL-NAVD88 would be set at 0, correct?

Jonathan S. Clough

For the saturation question, please see the section on saturation (page 25) in this document

and feel free to ask if questions remain.

As a simplification, "direction offshore" is used to calculate distance to water in these calculations.

Yes you need the GT to calculate the MHHW and MLLW and many wetland lower-bounds are tied to these elevations.  Historic trend is also required as this is used to adjust eustatic SLR scenarios.  MTL-NAVD88 would be set to zero.  -- J