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Freshwater influence habitat evolution

Started by Elena V, August 14, 2013, 04:51:05 PM

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Elena V

The Tech Doc (6.2) says the following habitat-switching function is implemented when an area of freshwater influence is specified:

Swamp --> Tidal Swamp --> Tidal Fresh Marsh --> Irregularly Flooded Marsh

However, according to the Tech Doc the default lower elevation of the first three habitats is the salt elevation. Are the defaults different when freshwater influence is specified? Or do they simply switch once per timestep?

And a sidenote - if I do want to change the lower elevation, can this be done in the user interface or should I run SLAMM from the command line? Is editing the value in the Elevation Analysis window sufficient to change the minimum elevation for model runs?

thanks once again!

Elena V

I've been looking at my results a little closer and it does seem like all these habitats still have the same lower elevations because from my input map to my t=0 map to a map one year later the habitats switch 3 times (Swamp --> Tidal Swamp --> Tidal Fresh Marsh --> Rarely flooded marsh).

Is it possible to change the lower elevations for these habitats? What was the thought behind the new habitat switching function if they have the same lower elevation?

Thanks! I realize this is a new option in SLAMM - just want to make sure I understand what the model is doing :)

Jonathan S. Clough

Yes, the lower elevation ranges are editable for all categories.  See the help file associated with the "Elev. Statistics" screen ("Elevation Analysis") and please ask if additional questions remain.  Here is some additional guidance: