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Historical Trend Parameter

Started by omassey, July 22, 2013, 07:07:15 AM

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When inserting the site parameters, is the historical trend parameter just the local SLR, or does is include eustatic rise? For instance, would I say my trend was a historic rate of .56 ft/100yrs eustatic rise + 1.12 ft/100yrs of local subsidence, or would it only be one of the two. I am not using a subsidence GIS file also.
Thank you!


the historic SLR is the locally measured SLR rate. Therefore it includes the eustatic SLR and subsidence/uplift rates.

When modeling future SLR scenarios, SLAMM first derives local subsidence/uplift by subtracting the historic eustatic trend (1.7 mm/yr) from the historic local SLR, and then it adds local subsidence/uplift to the future eustatic SLR. You can look the technical documentation for additional information.