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Question and answer from new user

Started by Jonathan S. Clough, June 19, 2013, 06:25:05 AM

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Jonathan S. Clough

Quote1. When I save simulation, it is very common to have the error show "unable to write to C:\Program Files\SLAMM6.2Beta\SLAMM6.INI."

It is not recommended to install to c:\program files as Windows 7 tends to guard that directory jealously.  Make sure you have read-write-execute privileges to whichever directory you are installing.

Quote2. When I have done the elevation analysis and want to look at the Histogram, I am not able to select any of the land type (all of them are in grey color).

There does seem to be some sort of an intermittent interface bug in this version.  We'll look into it.  What was happening to me was not that everything was grayed out, but rather that the whole interface could not be clicked.  I did manage to find a workaround, I think by closing both the histograms and elevation analysis windows and reopening again.  Try clicking around a while and maybe it will unfreeze.  Meanwhile we'll try to reproduce and fix the problem.