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Attribute Type not Found in Excel Sheet

Started by omassey, June 07, 2013, 09:19:12 AM

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I am mapping a region for sea level rise and received some attribute types from NWI datum that are not in the spreadsheet and not terribly close to anything that is in the spreadsheet. Thus, I don't know how to classify them. These numbers are E1UB4L, E2USU+(many ending add-ons), E2EM1U,E2AB6, E2RF2N, E2US/RF2N, E2US/EM1, and PF01/4Eh. Thank you for any help you can offer I am kind of stuck mostly on the E2USU versions.

Jonathan S. Clough

The first resource is Table 4 from the SLAMM Technical Documentation ( ).

E1 is subtidal so it is estuarine open water.
E2US gets linked to codes 10, 11, or 20 depending on the other codes included

The wetlands decoder can help you make your own manual assignment if there is still confusion:

this site is also useful

Finally, this pdf may help:

Good luck!  -- Jonathan