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year 2100

Started by magdeline, February 11, 2013, 01:37:21 PM

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Our Projected Sea Level rise data only goes to 2080. How can we change the program so that the end point is 2080 and not 2100?

Additionally, how many cells are taken into account when SLR is calculated for a cell?

Thanks! Magdeline

Jonathan S. Clough

1.) Use the "Last Year of Simulation" edit box in the Execute window.

2.) Can you please rephrase that second question, I don't understand it.  SLR for a cell is a function of global SLR and the difference between global SLR and local SLR for your site, or the subsidence data for the cell.  Please review the technical documentation for more information about how relative SLR is predicted from eustatic SLR predictions.

Best regards!  -- Jonathan