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GIS Output

Started by marissa, April 26, 2012, 07:39:30 AM

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Hello everybody,
I managed to run the Slamm model and I choosed to save
output for GIS. When the modell is running, he is saying that he is producing
GIS output data. But when the model is finished, I canĀ“t find the GIS output data.
Does anybody has an idea, where I can find this data or where I can
determine where to put the output data?
Best regards

Amy Polaczyk

Hello Marissa,

Your GIS output should be output to the same directory as your GIS input files. You can specify the output location (and base name) for the GIS output in the 'file setup" screen  in the "Base Output File Name" line. 



Hi Amy,
I have tried to export the GIS output by setting in File setup/Base output file names but it does not work and I could find any outcome in the same directory of DEM.

Could you please help me with this,
Thank you